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Spectrophotometers buying guide


2018 spectrophotometers buying Guide | Budget: less than £400.00
Published on April 15, 2015 / Updated on December 21, 2018


Here is my review of the two spectrophotometers to help you calibrate your photo printer yourself. If the X-Rite i1 Studio is my favorite today, I noticed the considerable progress of the SpyderPRINT (ver.5) and its excellent price/quality ratio.


1 - Datacolor SpyderPRINT

2 - X-Rite i1 Studio




1 - Datacolor SpyderPRINT | Less than £300

I have been testing this printer calibration kit for two generations and this version of the SpyderPRINT is clearly the best. If you print "normally" saturated colors, you don't need to spend more. On the other hand, its direct competitor, more expensive, does much better, especially in saturated blues - Plan a budget of £280.


Datacolor SpyderPRINT


Not as good as the i1 Studio on some saturated colors but the cheapest ! - Read my full review  




2 - X-Rite i1 Studio| Less than£400

I love this calibration kit because it allows you to calibrate all kinds of photo printers, even on Glossy paper and with very saturated colors. It is a little less accurate and rigorous than the i1 Photo Pro 2 but also more "warm". Do all our prints have to be printed rigorously, almost scientifically?! - Plan a budget of £399.


X-Rite i1 Studio


A reference especially if you print on matt paper and my favorite - Read my full review  

Through these advice pages and my complete spectrophotometers reviews I will help you to choose to calibrate your photo printer yourself...
- Spectrocolorimeters and spectrophotometers

- Datacolor SpyderPRINT
- X-Rite i1 STUDIO

- How to choose your printer?
- How to calibrate your printer?


Calibrate your monitor with the
best colorimeter: i1 Display Pro !

Read my full review...


Calibrate your photo printer with the best quality/price ratio: i1 Studio !

Read my full review...  

Good deals : £399.00









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